Hey, Good day everyone !!!  We hope everyone reading this post had a great day on this episode. We have someone well recognized in the field of hyping and organizing the crowd. The well-recognized personality is known as Somadan [Ginger – Lord]||@SOMA.DINA

Question:- Can we meet You somadina||@SOMA.DINA?

Answer: I am Eze Somadina a student of Unilag a prestigious University in Nigeria

Question: How did the Nickname “somadina[Gingerlord]”||@SOMA.DINA? come up

Answer: well for the Ginger-lord I got nicknamed by my fans because our dedicated energy I put into my work and how I perform in the stage as well.

Question: Your first hyping began when?

Answer:  After I discovered my passion for hyping I began professionally in 2018 when I was in 200level.

Question: Who are your competitors and are they worth competing with?

Answer: Yes my Competitors are worth competing because I am myself is the completion. I get to challenge Myself every day to accomplish great things ahead of me.

Question: Are you worth getting familiar with?

Answer: Yes because I want people to discover something new about me

Question:- Are you single or taken?

Answer: I am taken by my special one.

Question:- If taken how many women heart have you scattered ?
Answer: As  Many you can think of because I am the ladies Men 
Question: Imagine you were invited for a top show and you were asked to hype the event then you start and  everywhere suddenly became quiet what would you do?

Answer: Well observation is key, I would need you to observe my audience before delivery to them because not everybody likes every genre of music so I would make it a blend in order words the Dj would have a huge role to play. But shout-out to every DJ  I ever worked with because they have delivered In one way or the other then I would use girls because guys are really Attracted to them !!

Question: Identify 2 major hypemen you respect and 3 major artist, we should look out for
Answer: Hypemen: BEN 4STER and DO2TUN and Artist: DAVIDO, PERUZZI, FIREBOY

Question : In 4 years time what would the Somidan brand be like?

Answer : A Brand that everyone would love to work with and talk about

Question : if you were to Marry one,Dump one and shoot one
Case studies : Tacha , Bobrisky  and Toke Makinwa

Answer : I would marry Toke, Dump Tacha and Bobriskyyy

Question :- A major advice to all hypeman out there  and Your most embarrassing day as an artist?

Answer : Don't stop, be consistent and for more embrassing day was the day I went for an event to hype when I started the DJ tapped me and whispered to me lowkey I was Shouting and spitting at the Mic.

Question : Reveal An hidden secret no one knows

Answer : I  am scared of anything Animals

well, i  somadina want to shoutout to all unilag students the Great akokites, Tobyshang, Bamidele Adams,paulash panache, my Manager panda of Lagos and the whole team of sign in !!!!!

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