Hot Hot !!! Meet These 2 Top Nigerian Celebrities Who Are allegedly Secret Cult Members

Most cult groups in Nigeria have been engaged in some sort of violence or another and that’s synonymous with most of them. Celebrities are just like regular folks and a good number of them have been linked to cultism.

Cult groups also have different types of handshake that may include grabbing of the wrist and or twisting of the fingers, this is also referred to as clawing among cultists.
We present to you some of the top Nigerian celebrities who have been linked with cultism

Burna- Boy is definitely one of Nigeria’s biggest names in entertainment today and he continues to make an exceptional career for himself. The singer has been linked with a number of controversies in the past and a lot of this point to his cultism affiliation.
A number of his songs lyrics has shown that he is a member of the Aiye confraternity and his belonging to this group is not even up for debate.

WizKid is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s biggest names in music today and he continues to take the lead as one of Nigeria’s biggest stars.
The singer has been linked to Eiye confraternity who are also referred to as Airlords. His fashion sense also attest to this fact. His fashion style also is evidence of belonging to this group. He has been spotted clawing fellow members in several photos.

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