Exclusive Interview with the brand “Instinkt”|@Fw_instinkt

Instinkt|@Fw_instinkt  would be releasing a new set of Merchandise on Dec 20 2019 which would be Titled “Noun”. We have gathered and compiled some information you would love to know about!!
ILOVEGIST BLOG: - Can you Introduce Brand “instinkt|@Fw_instinkt to us?
INSTINKT:- Yes, Instinkt started off as a brand to meet needs mostly sportswear, in 2018
I thought of ways to beat the norm and offer services to people for lessIt kicked off with the 2018 Dean's cup, I managed to rally in total 12 department to get to use instinkt and as we all know Nigerian like more for less
The t-shirt division dropped soon after the Dean's cup and we recorded over 60 sales for the t-shirt alone .The first drop was "Afro edition"

ILOVEGIST BLOG: - What makes your Brand different from other Fashion Brand?
INSTINKT|@Fw_instinkt : - Well, I don't know how to lie and I like calling a spade a spade. Other brands are nice
they make sense too, to me it more of a choice why fuck with a brand that gives you repeated patterns or the same design but in a different way. Year in year out I make sure "INSTINKT"
|@Fw_instinkt gets a new logo to go with the merch for the year..Not to bluff But it's boring seeing the same logo on your shirt everyday .It makes no sense And it's cheaper and a better value for your money
I believe art is priceless so why sell art like you've bought all the rightsI could legit buy back my shirt from someone who I know doesn't take good care of itThat's how I am ,But in the long run
I mostly about how well you run the brand and not how good.

IlovegistBlog: - What difficulties do you face while making the new designs?
INSTINKT: - Difficulties in making designs?! How's that possible? If you love what you do it'll be easier to enjoy the pain to be very Honest …I don't face any thing

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