Some Major Facts about the brand Called “Instinkt”|@Fw_instinkt

Some Major Facts about the brand “Instinkt”

·         Instinkt is a Nigerian brand with a very Dope design.

·         It started off as a brand to meet people needs mostly sportswear, in 2018,

·         Instinkt portrays both the African and the British style.

·         It major divisions are 2 which are sports and apparel divisions

·         Instinkt is managed by  5 teenagers

·         It owned and managed by Tobi tobun

·         Their Merchandise  are very cheap, Reliable and Durable

· The Debut sale of their product was really massive because People saw the merchandise has something very Unique and the price they got the merchandise was very Affordable.

·         Their existence came as a reason to satisfy people fashion needs

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