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Chapter 1: Don’t Try

Mark Manson says that our culture of always getting more and more focused on what we lack therefore channel your energy to what you want. He says that dating and self-improvement advice are all ways of saying that you aren’t enough. And it’s all designed to make you feel bad and buy more stuff.

He says that a confident man instead doesn’t feel the need to prove anything. The key to a good life is not about giving a fuck more. It’s about giving a fuck less. Therefore instead of giving a fuck about random shit, try channelling your fuck into something more reasonable. The act of nor giving a fuck makes you give more fuck because now you are giving a fuck about not giving a fuck😂😂. You stress about not being active in your relationship, so you create Sunday night relationship fun day, but you've created more fuck again because now you have to worry on how to think of not making that day boring and all but the button line is you've channelled your fuck into something productive 🔥🔥

Avoid social Media

Mark Manson says that social media only accentuated the culture of never enough (read Daring Greatly for more on never enough culture) now you worry about more like, more retweet more shit more rubbish ... just channel your fuck into making strong connection on social media, make friend on social media that will raise you to better height not the one that will only like your pics and that's all.

All we see is people trying to one each other up showing how great and better their lives are.
And when we can’t compare we wonder what the hell is wrong with us.

Accept Negative Experience

The author then suggests that the desire for a more positive experience is in itself a negative experience.

And the acceptance of a negative experience is instead in itself a positive experience. 

Trying to avoid pain is giving too many fucks about pain. When instead you become capable of giving fewer fucks about pain… Then you become unstoppable.


Give Less a Fuck

Mark Manson says that we have a limited number of fucks to give in our lives. Deciding what NOT to give a fuck about them will free our time and mental resources for the things we really care about.

What Not Giving a Fuck Means

1. Not giving a fuck doesn’t mean being indifferent.

It’s about choosing what to give a fuck about and then not giving a fuck about all the rest.
It also means you don’t give a fuck about the troubles standing between you and what you give a fuck about. Take q leap and see where you land peeps

2. Give a fuck about something more important than adversity.

If you don’t find something important to give a fuck about, your fucks will be given to meaningless and frivolous causes.

3. You’re always choosing what to give a fuck about. 

So pick something meaningful.

Not giving a fuck is not being indifferent. It’s being indifferent to being different.

Chapter 2 would be continued Next Week!

The Book was Summarised By Lara Maverick(Coco_latte)

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