Son of man is formally known as  Onibudo Oluwatobi. He started hyping when he was at100 level First semester probably after two months he resumed.  He is a proud student of Unilag in the department of Philosophy Year 2. He is of average height. He loves to make new friends and also he also help them out with anything they need.

To be sincere he dosent like schoolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  because he feels it a scam.  He looks up to Toby Shang as one of the hypeman he admires and  appreciate a lot because the  guy brought him out and told him how the hype industry  would be  and how it is done.

The unique thing about the son of man is that he believes “we rise by lifting others” and before he hypes he looks and study the event setting first and try to blend in with the kind of people there to make the event a blast.

In the next three years  he believes he would be hyping for one of the biggest brand and  Artist in Nigeria  and other part of the world including Africa 

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