[Gospel music ]- war room by John gospel Atsukpel

War Room” is a prayer song of revival released by the Holy Ghost; received and sang by JohnGospel Atsukpe.

It is a song received on the altar of prayer; ministering deliverance unto the people and setting them on fire to burn for Christ, and also to judge the wicked plans of the enemy into oblivion.

It is a song with an heavy atmosphere provoking the fire of God into an instant action; saving the people from all manipulations of the devil and roasting every diabolical acts of the enemy; frustrating all his plans on the earth by the agency of the Holy Ghost.

The fire of God saves and also kills, believe Him for a specific thing you want Him to do for you through this song. The Lord bless you.
– Exodus 13:21, Ezekiel 36:5

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